Straightening Your Smile Discreetly with Invisalign® Braces

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If you are looking into getting braces, you should know there are options available to you. Great Big Smiles Orthodontics will help you to find what works best for you. One of the more popular brands among brace wearers is Invisalign®, clear plastic aligners. The reason for Invisalign®’s popularity is the advantages it offers the wearer compared to traditional metal braces. There are some situations, however, that metal braces are better at treating.

The discretion and convenience Invisalign offers its wearers are two advantages it presents compared to traditional metal braces. Metal braces advertise themselves, whereas it’s difficult to tell an Invisalign user is wearing braces at all. This discretion has made Invisalign a popular choice among adults in need of braces.

Invisalign wearers can also remove their trays whenever necessary. This allows the wearer to still eat their favorite foods and brush their teeth unimpeded while still undergoing a straightening treatment. Metal braces are unable to be removed until after the straightening treatment has been completed.
There are issues that the Invisalign trays have difficulty treating and may require metal braces. Teeth that have grown in twisted or require a height correction are better treated by metal braces. Dr. Michael Bowen will help you choose which kind of braces will work best for your situation.

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