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Types of Braces

Get the smile you always wanted with metal or clear braces.

What type of braces should I get?

Here at Great Big Smiles Orthodontics, we offer two main styles of braces in Scottsdale and Glendale, Arizona: stainless steel brackets and clear brackets. Depending on your preferences, Dr. Michael Bowen will be happy to set you up with what will work best for you. Call us today at 480-948-4200 to learn more and set up your appointment with our orthodontist!

Metal Braces: Stainless Steel Brackets

You might think that metal braces have not changed since your parents wore them decades ago, but we are happy to let you know that is not the case! Metal braces are smaller, more comfortable and easier to care for than ever before! You can rest assured that this treatment option will give you a reliable and effective experience in straightening your smile.

Clear “Ceramic” Braces

Sometimes, the problem with a crowded smile isn’t with the teeth but with the jaw. Palatal expanders work to gently widen the upper jaw to make room for all of the teeth. This not only helps with the teeth on the top jaw, but it also helps both sets of teeth come together in a better fit.

In the past, the only way to make room for overcrowded teeth was through an extraction or multiple extractions. This could lead to other dental health problems, however, and is thankfully no longer the only option. If you or your child have crowded upper teeth, our orthodontist will consult with you on whether or not a palatal expander can help.