The Orthodontic Brace Maintenance Quiz

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Did you know that the care you give to orthodontic braces could affect your recovery time and treatment outlook? Naturally, if you do not take care of your braces, they cannot be expected to function properly. Thus, you must always ensure they are well kept and in proper working condition. For more information, take the following orthodontic brace maintenance quiz:

Which of the following is a reason to get braces?

a.) You are missing teeth

b.) You have overcrowded teeth or large gaps between teeth

c.) Your teeth are out of alignment

d.) Both b and c

True or False: Orthodontic braces should be regularly cleaned.

a.) True

b.) False

True or False: Broken braces should be fixed without the help of an orthodontist.

a.) True

b.) False

Which of the following habits should never be used to protect your braces?

a.) Wear safety equipment when playing contact sports or high-risk activities that can put your smile at risk for an oral accident or injury

b.) Dental cement applications can be used to strengthen the bond of your braces to your teeth

c.) Eliminate chewy and sticky foods or snacks that can get easily lodged between your teeth and braces

d.) Avoid eating tough or hard foods that can damage your braces

Answer Key: d, a, b, b

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