Three Options for Flossing with Braces

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Though flossing can be challenging for those with braces, it’s all the more important that you do it. Thankfully, there are multiple options and tools to try so you can choose the easiest and most effective option for you. Here are three of them and how to use them:

Waxed Floss: If you’re a traditionalist, you can floss your teeth with regular waxed floss. Cut an 18 inch piece and thread it over the braces wire and through the crevice in between your teeth. When it’s through, pull it forward and grab the other end inside your mouth. Wrap each end around your index fingers and guide it through the crevice located on other side of the tooth. Scrape it along each side up and down. Replicate this process with each tooth.

Floss Threader: Shaped like a miniature lasso, a floss threader makes it easier to thread the floss between each tooth. Simply thread the floss into the loop. Then insert the other end of the threader above the wire of your braces and into the crevice in between your teeth. Then floss like you would with waxed floss, as described above.

Water Flosser: Many braces wearers prefer to use a water flosser. These are available online and in specialty stores. After you’ve obtained it and taken it out of the box, the first thing to do is fill the reservoir with water. Then aim the flosser at one of the crevices of your teeth and turn it on. The floss will shoot a steady stream of water between the gap, freeing food particles and bacteria trapped there. Repeat with each tooth.

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