What Are My Braces Options?

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When it comes to aligning the smile with braces, you have many options. In fact, there are several treatments that can meet your needs and comfort and also give you the smile you have always wanted. To tell you a little more, our orthodontist, Dr. Michael Bowen, is happy to mention the different types of braces available in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Option No. 1: Traditional metal braces. This appliance is the one you probably see the most. It involves metal wires, metal brackets, as well as colorful bands aligning the smile. This option is usually the cheapest and it effectively moves the chompers throughout time.

Option No. 2: Ceramic braces. This appliance is just like traditional braces but instead of having a noticeable color, it is matched to the color of your teeth. This makes the appliance harder to see, but it still works the same way as traditional braces.

Option No. 3: Lingual braces. This appliance is also like metal braces. However, it is cemented to the back of the smile rather than the front. In other words, the brackets are cemented to the back surfaces of the teeth, which makes it very difficult to see.

You can also choose from appliances like clear aligners, fast braces, and self-litigating braces. When it comes to your options, some are better for minor misalignments while others are better for more severe misalignments. So, make sure you discuss your options with your orthodontist to see which appliance is right for you. For more information and details, please reach out to Great Big Smiles Orthodontics at 480-948-4200.